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What is Foxhole?

Foxhole is a full scale tactical warfare game, involving every aspect of conflict. Play as the soldiers on the frontlines to the logistical engineers on the backlines. Wars can last from a few days to more than a month, running 24/7. Play with thousands of players from around the world with rich voice chat.

Foxhole Tactics Team

[WLL] Shylor (Colonials) - Shylor#0001 (Discord)

Requests from the Community


I’m looking for people that want to help write guides and make video tutorials. My goal is to have content that is larger concepts and smaller direct guides. Example would be “How to use RPG Rocket Launchers”, “How to use the Mortar”, and so forth.

Gammar and Spelling

I’m writing this content kind of fast, and I have never been super great and grammar and spelling, so if you see something, please send me a DM on Discord.

Contact Information

You can reach me on Discord at Shylor#0001. I’d love feedback and suggestions.
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